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Abouts the results of competition of young scientists achievments

On January 29, 2021, on the eve of Belarusian Science Day, the University Council approved the results of the competition for achievements of young scientists of BSUIR of 2020. This time the Competition was held only in the category "Scientists". Therefore, we congratulate its participants who have scored the highest number of points in this category and won prizes. Each of them will be awarded a cash prize, as well as a diploma or gratitude, depending on the number of the occupied place.
The winner of the first place was Vitaliy Khoroshko, PhD, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Information and Computer Systems Design (139 points)
The winner of the second place - Nikita Lushpa, junior researcher of SRL 5.3 of R&D Department (117 points);
The owner of the third place - Vyacheslav Minchuk, engineer of Research Laboratory of SRL 5.2 of R&D Department (115 points).
Also, the competition committee decided to apply to the rector of the University for announcing gratitude and payment of a monetary bonus to the following participants in the competition who submitted their applications in the category "PG students" and "Students and master students":
Artem Feschenko, PG student of the Department of Information and Computer Systems Design (79 points);
Dmitry Gvozdovsky, PG student of the Department of Micro- and Nanoelectronics (62 points);
Natalya Zharko, master student of the Department of Information Radio Technologies (22 points).