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Associate Professor of BSUIR is the best young scientist of the CIS countries

On April 20-21, 2021 in Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan), the competition "The Best Young Scientist of the CIS-2021" was held, organized by the International Association of Students, the Congress of Scientists of Kazakhstan with the support of the National Movement "Bobek". The competition is held annually. Its main goal is to identify the best significant and innovative projects of young scientists, to promote scientific interests, to create a common unifying platform for the development of science.
This show jumping this year was attended by Associate Professor of the Department of Information Security, Ph.D., Associate Professor Oleg Zelmansky, who, we recall, was recognized as the best young scientist of BSUIR at the end of 2019.

We are glad to announce that within the framework of this competition, Oleg's achievements did not go unnoticed - he was awarded the 1st degree Diploma and the award medal "Best Young Scientist - 2021" of the Commonwealth of Independent States for his contribution to the development of science and education.
The Council of Young Scientists sincerely congratulates Oleg on receiving the award and wishes him to solve interesting problems that bring new knowledge and achievements as often as possible.