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18th International Design Olympiad in Microelectronics

Dear colleagues, we invite you to take part in the qualifying round of the international
Design Olympiad in Microelectronics, organized by

The theme of the Olympiad is devoted to topical design issues, including
digital circuit design and testing, circuit design for digital and
analog signal processing and testing, semiconductor design
devices and their manufacturing technology, mathematical and algorithmic problems
computer design in electronics.
The Olympiad is held in two stages. The first stage is organized in all participating countries
simultaneously. It includes a basic set of tasks - a test.

The winners of the first stage from each country are invited to participate in the final
Olympiad, which is held at the Synopsys Design Center (Yerevan, Armenia).

The winners of the finals of the Olympiad are awarded valuable prizes, and also receive
Opportunity for an internship at Synopsys.

The qualifying round in the Republic of Belarus is traditionally held on the basis of the Department of Micro- and
Nanoelectronics BSUIR. This year it will take place from May 23 in room 111 of the 1st educational
building at the address Minsk, st. P. Brovki, 6.

Requirements for the participants of the qualifying round:
- age up to 30 years,
- Basic level of proficiency in technical English.

To register as a participant in the qualifying round of the Olympiad, fill out the form below.

More information about the Olympiad is available at website.

You can find sample tasks at link.

tel. +375 17 293 88 90,

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