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Current issues


A cycle of seminars "Scientist's Brand" has been launched at BSUIR

The organizer of the series of seminars is the sector for promoting BSUIR in international rankings. The main aim of the seminars is to transfer the experience of prominent BSUIR scientists to the younger generation.
Currently, three seminars from the series "Scientist's Brand" have been held, which were conducted by:
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Viktor Borisenko (topic - " Registration of the results of scientific and engineering activities ");
Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor Dmitry Migas (topic - " Publications in international journals ");
Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor Sergey Prishchepa (topic - " The culture of academic writing ").
With the permission of the authors, we post the presentations that were used in the framework of the seminars.
Presentation of Professor V. Borisenko
Presentation by Professor D. Migas
Presentation of Professor S. Prishchepa